You shall have my full support as you take the fight to Corbyn & Thornberry on their so called home turf! Not for long it isn't! – The Rt. Hon Boris Johnson MP, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Norther Ireland 

My experience of Ed is only positive. He is a focused, hardworking campaigner who is dedicated to serving his community, Party and country. His work ethic, intelligence and empathy is remarkable. A real pleasure to work with and a exceptional member of any team. – Tom Tugendhat MP, Chairman Commons Foreign Affairs Committee 

Ed was a great addition to the campaign team, out with us regularly in K&C during the election.  His enthusiasm & character on the doorstep was infectious and his ability to communicate with voters about their concerns was excellent. With this, and his work setting up Conservatives in the City,  Ed clearly demonstrates his passion for the Party, its values and its people. – Felicity Buchan MP 

Ed is a great friend and a determined campaigner, embodying everything we need more of throughout the Conservative Party. Always available with advice, support and ideas, Ed is a great guy to have beside you whether you’re on the doorstep canvassing or speaking with a Cabinet minister. This is made all the more impressive when you find out he was formerly an Officer in the Royal Artillery! All joking aside, week in, week out Ed is spreading the message and helping others across the country and his work with CF Armed Forces, which I have clearest oversight of, has been exemplary. – James Clark, President of Conservative Friends of the Armed Forces

Ed was a hard worker and excellent candidate during the 2019 General Election campaign. On the doorstep he was able to empathise with voters in a tough fight and his cheerfulness during the campaign made it all the more enjoyable. The qualities I saw in Ed from his ability to communicate through to his organisational skills and determination mark him out as a top candidate and future MP. – Peter Smallwood, Deputy Chairman London Conservatives