What Ed stands for

Conservatism to me is: The provision a framework for the individual to succeed and thereby provide for their family and society such that society can strengthen to support the family and thereby improve the potential for the individual to succeed. All in order to elevate and progress as a nation.

I support values based Conservative leadership and base all my policy ideas through this lens. It starts with the premise that in order to develop as a nation we must first have a system of order in which we can live our lives which has a basic set of rules, otherwise anarchy persists (Rule of Law). Within this, in in order to feel a complete sense of wellbeing, and to lift ourselves and others we must strive to contribute outside our own wants (Public Service) for the benefit of others (Society and family). Our country is shaped by us and we are shaped by what our country provides for us in terms of resources, support and guidance; persistent, reliable organisations who outlast temporal governments achieve this – providing stability (Institutions). Uniquely, at the national level we are a team, allowing a breath of diversity that creates a drive to progress (The Union). Underpinning it all is a sense of belonging and buy in to the direction of the country. A shared sense of purpose and participation. (Democracy). All this shaped by common backgrounds, language, culture and experience (History). Only with a values based system do we shake of the temporary nature of our politics where quick wins lead to quick losses and ideology rules supreme – for a short time. Values equal long lasting success, elevating the condition of the people and leaving no one behind.